...o zážitok viac
Sme partia mladých ľudí, dobrovoľníkov, ktorých baví prinášať nové zážitky do života.
Organizujeme skvelé akcie pre mladých od 16 rokov vyššie.

Running a small community

The people behind this project form a small community in Slovakia already for a few years. They absolved different workshops focused on hard skills, like building a straw houses, farming in sustainable ways, and different workshops about permaculture, carrying the garden and fruit trees. They went also through many stages of life cycle of a small community, even if they didn’t know what to do, what to expect and how to find solutions to solve the problems.

In nowadays, the theme of sustainable life, cooperation between people and focus on small communities is even bigger. Unfortunately, there are no workshops on topics like how to start a small community, how to select the members, how to handle the problems, manage the work together, where to find finances to run a project, etc. We therefore decided to organize a set of workshops focused on soft skills of small communities. We would like to support sharing the best practice of the communities from all V4 countries.

We invite not only participants, but also lectors from all countries of V4. The ideas, best practices, lectures and outcomes will be summarized in final brochure and the presentations will be distributed online.

For the purposes of wide spreading, the communication language is English.

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